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Electronic Security Access and Surveillance System

Our newly built Centre has a state of the art electronic security access and surveillance system that caters for all rooms.

It is important that all children and parents feel comfortable, safe and secure in their new environment. Parents are issued with cards to access the Centre electronically.

On your child’s enrolment form, you are requested to nominate TWO authorised people. These nominated people will have the authority to collect your child in the event that either parent is unable to do so. Staff are not permitted to allow any other person, other then those nominated on the enrolment form, to collect your child from the Centre.

In the event of an emergency, when you require someone else to collect your child that is not nominated on your child’s enrolment form, you must give verbal permission to the Centre Director/Authorised Supervisor over the phone or in a letter on arrival in the morning. Staff will be required to check the person’s identification before allowing the child to depart the Centre.

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