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We aim to provide a total learning environment in which the child is free to observe, to question, to experiment and to explore. We believe it is important for a child to be free from the fear of being censured because they are wet, dirty, noisy or messy. We encourage the child to learn independence by knowing where to find things and by being able to get things for themselves. They should learn to respect themselves and others.

By trying things out, your child can come to their own conclusions and even if the conclusion is wrong, the process by which they have come to that answer will have value for their future education. Children who learn to solve their own problems whether they are social, emotional, physical or cognitive, are well on the way to becoming well adjusted, functioning human beings. This is the goal of good education. To answer your queries as to what your child will be learning at Little Scholars, it is helpful to discuss some of the activities your child will be engaging in with your child’s group teachers.

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